For new and expert sailors alike, the Minneapolis Sailing Center (formerly Lake Calhoun Sailing School) is a fun and supportive environment to share in our passion for sailing. We have classes to make sailing affordable and available to sailors of all abilities and backgrounds. Scholarships are available to those who qualify.


CHILDREN ages 4-6

Parents, this is your chance to learn to sail with your young child between 4-6 years. This beginning sailing class teaches the basics of sailing to both parents and kids.




The Optimist is an 8-ft one-person sailboat for students ranging in age from 7-11 and weighing up to about 120 pounds.

The Beginning Optimist Class is designed for first-time students who learn how to rig the boat and the fundamentals of sailing. They sail two or three kids per boat.

Once students have a good comfort level on the water they can move to the Intermediate Optimist Class, where they learn to become independent skippers while improving boat handling skills and confidence.

The Racing Optimist Class introduces sailors to racing concepts including starts, boat trim for speed, rules, race strategy, and more. Students participate in the Twin Cities Youth Sailing Regatta series on area lakes. 


youth 420 classes

youth ages 12-18

The 420 is a 14 ft boat that is great for learning to sail that offers challenges such as spinnaker and trapeze as skill improves.

First-time students looking to learn the fundamentals of sailing in a fun environment should take the Beginning 420 Class. These students sail 3 per boat to gain confidence on the water. 

The Intermediate 420 Class allows sailors to improve boat handling, sail trim and sailing concepts while sailing two per boat.  

For sailors who want a learn how to race these fast and fun sailboats, the Racing 420 Class introduces racing concepts, advanced boat handling, racing rules, and tactics. Sailors are encouraged to participate in the Twin Cities Youth Sailing Regatta series on area lakes. 


high school

grades 7-12

High School Sailing takes place in the spring and fall after school. Students have the opportunity to race in local high school regattas and practice 3 days per week.  Both new and experienced sailors are welcome to join the High School Program and represent your school!  This is a fun way to spend your spring and fall with other local high school sailors learning and competing together. 


Adult Classes

Children ages 12 and above may join Adult in class

Our beginning sailing classes will prepare you to sail independently and with confidence. We offer highly acclaimed small group courses with great a student to instructor ratio that will start you sailing right.  Sailors learn the basics of boat handling, sail trim, tacking and gybing, rigging and knot tying. 

You can choose to learn in either the fast and responsive Class 420 sailboat or a larger and more stable Ensign keelboat. After two-weeks, students will be certified to take friends and family sailing in MSC boats as a part of the Membership Program.

Intermediate 420 and Keelboat classes are designed for sailors wanting to take the next step and learn the nuances of advanced boat handling, sail trim, spinnaker, and boat speed.