1. There must be at least one rated skipper and at least one crew (crew does not need to be rated) on each Ensign, 420, and C Scow boats. No one may sail these types of boats solo.

  2. Dockmasters reserve the right to restrict, or not allow, skippers to checkout boats based on weather conditions and skipper/crew experience.

  3. Personal Flotation Devices (PFDs) Type III must be properly secured and worn on MSC docks and boats at all times. MSC has a limited supply of Type III PFDs for you and your guests. You may use your own US Coast Guard approved Type III life jackets. Self-Inflating Type V PFDs can be used with the exception of the “Fanny Pack” Type V.

  4. All skippers and guests using MSC boats must be capable of swimming at least 75 yards.

  5. No alcoholic beverages are allowed on MSC boats. Use of alcohol before or during utilization of MSC boats will not be tolerated and will result in a suspension of sailing privileges. Smoking is prohibited on the boats and dock, and in or around the boathouse.

  6. Everyone must remain seated and inside the cockpit area while underway.

  7. MSC skippers must report ALL accidents, injuries and collisions to the dockmaster. Failure to report any incidents may result in suspension of privileges. Staff must complete an Incident Report for documentation purposes. If you are involved in ANY type of collision with a boat, wall or other obstruction, you must report it to the dockmaster – no matter how insignificant you believe it was.

  8. Except in an emergency, MSC skippers are not allowed to dock anywhere other than MSC docks and buoys.

  9. Skippers are responsible for their guest’s behavior and safety. Unruly, boisterous and/or dangerous behavior may result in the suspension of the members’ sailing privileges. Respect all safety rules and the rules of the road.

  10. Each MSC skipper is responsible for their actions and will be held liable for damage or collisions caused by their use of a MSC boat. It is the skippers responsibility to check their insurance coverage if they have questions and to verify liability coverage.

  11. Pets are not allowed on sailboats.

boat reservations

  1. Boats may be reserved during open sailing hours (Noon and Sunset on weekdays and between 9am-Sunset on weekends). Reservations made outside of these times are not valid.

  2. The maximum reservation time is 2 hours.

  3. Members are limited to one reservation at a time. Please remember to cancel your reservations if you do not intend to use them.

  4. Unless you call or notify MSC that you will be late, reservations will be cancelled if you are more than 15 minutes late for a reservation.

  5. Reservations must be made at least 1 hour before the start of the reservation.


  1. During open sailing hours, MSC will have at least one dockmaster present at boathouse to assist members with boat checkout and to take sailors out to boats.

  2. MSC skippers must fill out the checkout sheet at the boathouse or check in with the dockmaster. Skippers are responsible for ensuring that their guests have signed and dated the guest waiver.

  3. All skippers must speak with the dockmaster and receive permission to check out a boat, and skippers may not leave the dock until such permission is granted. This ensures that the dockmaster knows who is out at all times.

  4. Skippers must be rated for the prevailing wind conditions and the boat type they wish to use. Members will not be permitted to checkout boats in wind conditions they are not rated for.

  5. Members are encouraged to obtain a two-way handheld radio to communicate with dockmaster during open sailing hours. MSC has a limited number of radios available for member use. Members must replace lost or damaged MSC radios with same model.

  6. Sailboats may be checked out for a maximum period of two hours. If no other sailors are waiting for a boat, (you must still check in) you may be approved by the dockmaster to sail for additional time.

  7. Before leaving the dock or buoy, thoroughly inspect the boat to ensure that all standing and running rigging is in good shape and working condition. Notify dockmaster of any maintenance required on sailboats.

  8. All MSC boats must be at MSC dock or buoy 30 minutes before sunset (this is when law requires vessels to put lights on). Skippers are responsible for ensuring that they are at the dock or buoy.

  9. Skippers to notify dockmaster via radio when boat is de-rigged and sailors are ready for pickup. All members must take great care to properly de-rig sailboats and clean out interior of boats when done sailing. Leave sailboats in better condition that they are found with covers properly placed on Ensigns/C Scows and 420s secured to floating platforms.


The severity of sailing injuries can range from small cuts or scrapes to violent blows to the head or a crew overboard in frigid waters. Guidelines in the event of emergencies are covered here:

  1. Contact the dockmaster via radio or cell phone if you are experiencing an emergency that requires advice or assistance.

  2. Try to anticipate situations before they become emergencies. Many situations can often be prevented. Get the boat under control, prevent any additional injuries or boat damage and try to reduce further risks.

  3. Be pro-active. “Doing nothing” often results in the deterioration of conditions. Make and execute your decisions with the safety of the crew and the boat in mind.

  4. If you are having trouble or have equipment failures in the buoy field, try to keep the boat moving forward (you lose control if water is not moving over the rudder) and get to the dock or an open buoy. If you are having trouble on the open water, go into the Safety Position, reduce sail area or heave-to to keep the boat under control.

  5. Assess the situation and try to resolve any equipment problems. You may be able to sail back to the dock depending on the condition of the boat or type of equipment failure.

  6. For minor sailing injuries you may be able to sail back to the dock and get medical attention depending on the condition of the injured. However, if injuries require immediate medical attention, radio the Dockmaster who will call 911

  7. All members are required to notify MSC staff in the event of any sailing accident, injury or equipment failure. Staff must document all accidents and injuries.