The Optimist is an 8 feet long sailboat for students ranging in age from 7-15 and weighing up to about 120 pounds.  The Optimist is an ideal "learn to sail" boat, yet provides a challenge at the racing level. It's a stable boat and is easy to handle on the water. 


Beginning optiMIST

Beginning Optimist is for new or less experienced sailors ages 7 - 11. The class is an introduction to sailing with a structured curriculum that builds student confidence as they can advance through each skill level. 

Students learn how to rig the boat, boat handling skills, knot tying, and water safety. We place 2 or 3 children in each boat to help them feel comfortable while learning.

Intermediate optiMIST

This class is designed for students who have taken Beginning Optimist at least once, have an understanding of the fundamentals, and demonstrated a good comfort level on the water.

Students are placed one or two per boat. Under close instructor-student contact, sailors learn to become independent skippers by handling the sail and steering the boat at the same time. Emphasis will be on improving boat handling skills and confidence under a variety of wind conditions.


The Racing Opti class is an exciting opportunity to fully experience the fun and challenge of sailing at a higher level. Designed for students who have taken Intermediate Opti or demonstrated an ability to handle the boat independently. 

Students will develop racing concepts including starts, upwind sailing, reaching, and downwinds as well as boat trim for speed, basic “rules of the road," strategy, tactics, and more.