NEW IN 2019: We combined the Youth Beginning and Intermediate classes to form a new “Explorers” class. This class will allow new and experienced sailors to enjoy engaging activities and adventures without the pressure of competitive racing! The Explorers class is designed to be taken more than once and sailors will be grouped with other students of similar skill levels.

Also, we are now offering an Intro to Racing class that will prepare kids for the exciting world of Sailboat Racing.



The Optimist Explorers class is designed for beginner and intermediate students to enjoy learning to sail in a non-racing environment. Students are split into groups of new and experienced sailors to tailor the class content to each kid’s skill level.

Optimist Explorers combines our old Beginner and Intermediate Opti classes. New games and activities each session allow for students to repeat this camp multiple times while growing as a sailor.


This class is designed for students who have taken Optimist Explorers at least once, have an understanding of the fundamentals, and want to learn about racing.

Students sail one per boat. Under close instructor-student contact, sailors learn how the basics of sailboat racing while handling the sail and steering the boat at the same time. Emphasis will be on improving boat handling skills and confidence under a variety of wind conditions.

optimist race team

The Optimist Race Team is an exciting opportunity to fully experience the fun and challenge of sailing at a higher level. Designed for students who have taken the Opti Intro to Racing class or demonstrated an ability to handle the boat independently and understand sailboat racing. 

Students will improve racing concepts including starts, upwind and downwind sailing, as well as sail trim, rules, strategy, and tactics. Students are highly encouraged to participate in the local Twin Cities Youth Sailing regattas.