many teams: one community

The High School Sailing Program at Minneapolis Sailing Center (MSC) is a community of several High School Teams.  Although we come from different schools, we share a passion for sailing that drives us to work harder, sail faster, and have more fun! 

High School Sailing is governed by the Interscholastic Sailing Association (ISSA) and our district, the Midwest Interscholastic Sailing Association (MISSA).  High school teams register with MISSA through Minneapolis Sailing Center.  If your school does not currently have a sailing team, contact us to get one started!

To compete in regional qualifying regattas, a team must have at least 4 sailors who attend that High School. We have a number of High School Teams with less than 4 sailors. These teams practice with the other teams and are eligible to sail in Tier 3 MN Conference regattas. Sailors in 7-8 grade are also eligible to compete in the Tier 3 MN Conference regattas. Sailors with 3 or less sailors from their High School are encouraged to recruit more sailors to form a complete team (we can help with this). 


*High School Sailing is not school- or district-sponsored. Participating schools accept no responsibility for this program or activity.