What is the flag color, are there boats available?

Please check the Weather and Updates page for the current flag color and sailboat availability.  If you have questions about current conditions you can call the Boathouse at 612-822-8328.

do you rent sailboats?  DOes anyone in the area rent sailboats?

We do not rent sailboats on a daily or hourly basis. Our Membership Program grants access to our fleet of sailboats for the whole year!  We are not aware of any programs in the Twin Cities that rent sailboats on a short-term basis.

are there enough boats for everyone?

We have a large fleet of sailboats with options for sailors of all ages and abilities.  During prime sailing time on the weekends there may be a 20-30 minute wait to get an Ensign.  We will soon have the ability to reserve sailboats.  Stay tuned!

what kind of sailboats do you have?

We have Ensign Keelboats, Club 420s, Lasers, Optimists, and C Scows.  Here are more details and pictures of our fleet of sailboats

can i reserve a sailboat?

We are working to roll out a reservation system through our membership portal. A portion of sailboats will be reservable with the rest available on a first come, first serve basis.  You may call ahead on weekends to check on availability of sailboats and have your name added to a waitlist if needed. 

how long can i use a sailboat?

Sailboats can be reserved and checked out for a maximum of two hours if someone is waiting to use the boat.  If there is no one waiting to use a boat there is no time limit. 

when does the season start?

The first day of open sailing this year is May 19th.  The last day of open sailing is October 5th. 

what are the open sailing hours?

Open sailing is Noon to Sunset every day of the week.  

How much does it cost?

An individual membership is $350.  A family membership is $525.  Memberships are valid for 365 days from date of purchase (one calendar year).

do i have to pay to check out boats?

Once you have paid the yearly membership fee, there are no extra costs to check out boats.

Do i have to pay extra for guests?

Guests do not cost extra. 

do i have to take a class to become a member?

You do not need to take a class to become a member.  New sailors or people who have not sailed in awhile are encouraged to take a class, however it is not mandatory.  If you already know how to sail you can do an evaluation to get rated for various sailing conditions. 

how do i get evaluated for a wind rating?

There are a few "Evaluation Days" scheduled for the start of the season.  They will be announced in the spring.  If you can not make an evaluation day you can schedule an evaluation on weekends between the hours of Noon to Sunset.  Please schedule at least 24 hours in advance. Check out the evaluation page for more details. 

how do i learn about other types of boats?

There are a few options for learning and getting a rating for a new type of boat.  Members may take a private lesson, ride along with another member that has experience on that type of boat, or attend a member clinic.  

i don't have a sailing partner, can i still check out a boat?

Ensigns, 420s, and C Scows all require at least two sailors on board.  The Laser and Optimist can be sailed solo.  Members are encouraged to reach out to other members to find partners to sail with.  Join our Facebook group to help find other members to sail with.  

how does the family membership work?

The family membership allows all members of the family to take out sailboats individually and receive a discount on our classes. Individual memberships allow only that member to receive discounts on classes.   

i bought the family membership online but I can't get the member discount for my family members.

The primary user on the family account will automatically be able to get the membership discount for classes. The family membership needs to be added to other family member's user names manually by MSC administrators.  Contact info@sailmpls.org to have membership added to family members so they can receive the discount.  

can my roommate/friend and i buy a family membership together?

No, family memberships are for immediate family members. 

can my child get an individual membership?

Children can get an individual membership and use our fleet of sailboats.  A parent or guardian needs to be present on shore while children under the age of 14 are sailing.  

does everyone in the sailboat need to be member?

Only the skipper needs to be a member.  All guests need to sign a Guest Waiver.

how long is my membership valid?

Memberships are valid for 365 days from date of purchase (one calendar year).

how can I get more involved?

Check out these numerous volunteer opportunities for interested members.  

do you have extra life jackets or do i need my own?

We have plenty of extra life jackets for sailors to use, although we recommend buying your own to ensure proper fit. 

do you race sailboats in the membership program?

Yes, members can participate in the weekly Calhoun Yacht Club races using our fleet of sailboats.  Here is more racing information.

if i have an asa/us sailing certification do i need to do an evaluation?

All members are required to get evaluated through our program and earn a rating in our system regardless of other certifications.